verses in progress

“I’ve been to this movie before

Go sit on the bed ‘cause I know you want more”

I said I wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t do it again

Since I like him and his money, but not his friends

You’re saying all the wrong things

I’m scared to fall asleep

Don’t tell me that I’ve had enough

‘Cause when have you had to give something up?”


Were we watching the same thing on that movie screen?

Is this meant to be an exercise in empathy?

Straight face, unfazed, I play a long-game

I already said I’m sorry that you feel that way

“I bet you’re tired of being alone”

I only noticed when my car broke down on 101

“You haven’t spoken much to your friends”

I might admit I think I’m a little better than them


Keep your voice down, I heard you the first time

Everybody here could hear you just fine

You said, “Well you should know I keep things to myself

Everybody does on account of your mental health”

Then dramatically, with pageantry

You tell me what your friends think

But the gospels according to the rich and boring

Don’t seem to be having any effect on me



And you’re winding me up, winding me up again

You love to say, “I get that”

But I know you never have

And I keep rushing back

But I mostly gave it up

So isn’t that enough

To keep you ’round and winding me up?

Winding me up with all your love

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